How to wash Your Wool Coat?

A wool coat is a very warm, comfortable and useful garment. Most people are not aware, but you can wash a wool coat by yourself. It mostly depends on the percentage of wool in the coat and the manufacturer’s instructions. In short, you don’t have to pay a professional dry cleaner each time when your coat needs a the dry cleaner. Cleaners Fulham” suggest you how to handle that task by yourself:

First and very important step is to carefully read the manufacturer’s label, located on the inside of the coat. Then you can choose how you want to clean your wool coat.

If the label claims that you can machine or hand washing your item, you are free to turn the wool coat inside out and toss it into the washing machine on the washer’s gentle cycle using cold water and Woolite. You can just hand-wash.

Generally, lower-percentage wool blends (e.g., 20 percent wool and 80 percent rayon) can be washed. This can be tricky, because even some lower-percentage wool coats will say, “Dry Clean Only” when in fact they can be washed gently, in cold water and Woolite.

To dry your wool coat, you must lay it out flat, allow it dry in shape, and keep it away from heat and sunlight to prevent shrinking. Do not put your wool coat in the dryer.

If the label on the inside of the wool coat says “Dry Clean Only” and is made of a high percentage of

wool (e.g., 100 percent wool), don’t try to wash it. Otherwise the wool coat will shrink significantly. Alternativelly, use a home dry-cleaning product such as Dryel which will dry-clean the wool coat using your clothes dryer.

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